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RONL8LQBPTInbox views in mail-in databases on the standard client will automatically refresh. In prior releases, inbox auto-refresh would only work in the...
JSMNAD4LHHFixed an issue where Calendar invites sent to Gmail are not formatted correctly. The gmail user has no option to accept or decline the meeting...
TTIHAKX2MZFixed an issue where the chair becomes unable to send meeting invitations to internet addresses when using Type-ahead
CSAO9WHASP[iNotes] Fixed an issue where the performance is slow when opening a message in a new tab on IE
DHUS9M3N24Fixed an issue where the Notes Client is not tendering a newsletter correctly.
CSMHAKR5VRFixed bugs in the categorized inbox view
SDOYAHKBT7[iNotes] Fixed an issue where the INI Inotes_wa_novertlinereplyforward=1 does not work and vertical lines in iNotes replies and forwarded messages...
JMDKAFRAWMiNotes - Fixed the error "Entry not Found in Index" when emptying the trash
TITHADH9A7[iNotes] Fixed an issue where users were unable to mail when a comma was in the name
TSAOAAGJ7RFixed an issue where the Group Name is removed when receiving an email
TKAAAAV8YZFixed an issue where calendar entries are overlapped with the same start/end time after it was changed
SAPLAK8ANLSupport for improved namelookup for mobile directory
TSAOALSDHK[iNotes] Fix a problem where the text in a plain text message is displayed with a larger font.
LMAN8JKJF5Fixed an issue where a delegated reader can't open the mailfile when a mail policy has just been applied
JLEN9C9E3GAdded the ability to recall messages that are created from stationary
JMEAAL7J7VFixed an issue where a local group no longer expands
RGAU829D4GEnhancement for automatic refresh of the inbox to be available for a delegated mail file
MJHAAJMFURFix an issue where an email cannot display the Reply and Forward icon when they are auto-forwarded by a mail rule.
CSAAA26DNMFixed an issue with Client language packs where right clicking on document in the Inbox view, choosing Reply - Reply with Internet-style throws the...
FBAIALRD3WFix an issue where mail attachments are garbled when downloading mail via IMAP where the attachment was compressed by LZ1 format, but was marked as...
AGUDA3SLDYFixed an issue where the Spanish mail template has a LotusScript incompatibility issue
YGAOAAQMHXFixed an issue where the mapped network drive is not visible (due to a long share name) when detaching attachments
ACVR9LZSBSFixed an error in the Notes mail Spanish template when opening folders
BPAL9LSDEEDelegate with editor access is getting an error in preferences with the field "Prohibit access to folders for users with..."
JPAR9NEACXPrevent auto-forwarding messages through mail rules for certain domains only
GLAG9AUNZMFixed an error "can't find view" in mail file when using the Brazilian Portuguese mail template
SDOY9HCJMFFixed an issue with the Swedish mail template where the reply works like reply with history
CSAAA6KAJYFixed the error 'Not a sub or function name: MARKMESSAGEFOLLOWUP' when opening the view "Views\Dafts" and "Views\Chat history" in the mail database...
MANVACERV4Fixed an issue where the LotusInboxCleanup agent removes documents in the Inbox on Polish Mail template.


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